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A New Report Says Khabib May Be Able To Leave Russia Via Private Jet To Save UFC 249

*eyeball emojis intensify*

Alright, I'm gonna have to urge you to take this report with a grain of salt, because in the few hours it's been out there, we've heard CRICKETS from just about everybody who could/should be commenting on this whole saga. 

TheMacLife is the only site running with this story, which originates in a Russian website called Sport Express. 

According to them, and I'll just quote them directly (through translation)...

“In order for Khabib to be able to fly to the United States in a private jet, the company whose services he intends to use must obtain permission to fly from Russia and to arrive in the United States,” the Federal Air Transport Agency said to local media via translation. “There are no restrictions for business aviation on departure from Russia.”

If authorization is given by the relevant Russian authorities and their US counterparts, this suggests that Nurmagomedov would be granted permission to fly out of the the country.

I don't know WHAT to believe at this point, but if this were true, and Dana White somehow gets this fight done, it may be the greatest trick he ever pulled. 

We're all rooting for you Dana! You got this!

P.S. We also had some drama involving Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman yesterday, which I did my best to sum up here…