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Ina Garten Is An Absolute Legend

I'll be honest, when I saw Ina Garten was trending on Twitter, my heart stopped just a little bit. "Please don't let this be bad news, please don't let this be bad news." 

Nope. It's just a bad bitch getting her cocktail on. 

Just when you think you can't love someone more than you already do, they go and make a massive cosmopolitan using all of their classic catchphrases, with just the tiniest splash of cabin fever craze, and completely sweep you off your feet. 

"During these stressful times, it's really important to keep traditions alive. My favorite tradition is cocktail hour.

You never know whose stopping by… wait a minute… nobody is stopping by lol!"

Proceeds to make a gigantic cosmo 

"You have to shake it for 30 secs. You have lots of time, it's not a problem lol! 

During a crisis, you know, cocktail hour can be almost any hour.

The last detail, that's really important, is a good martini glass. I'm gonna show you the one I like. I would say in these times, this is really important."

"Ohh doesn't that look fabulous! Nice and cold. And lots of it lol!"

That smile tells me that's not her first 12 oz cosmopolitan of the day… and it was still morning when she posted this. 

And in response to Feitelberg's pure ignorance on the queen herself: her husband Jeffrey is about to have himself a non-isolated, delightful afternoon.