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MVP Lamar Jackson and Hollywood Brown Are Training With Antonio Brown and Everything Is Absolutely Fine

Nope. Nothing to see here. Nothing at all that might possibly get blown out of proportion and fuel growing rumors that the one they call AB may be headed to Baltimore. Not a single thing to read into here whatsoever. None.

That's at least what we've all gotta be telling ourselves here in Charm City. Just deny deny deny any chance that this might possibly happen. It's for the best for our personal sanity. We all know what he's capable of in the locker room. We all know what he's capable of off the field. And yes we all know what he's capable of on it. But this is not the time or place to try to do the wild mental gymnastics that it would require to convince ourselves that we could somehow be the ones who change AB. The Baltimore Ravens may run a helluva football organization, but not even they are capable of turning this car around. He is who he is. He ain't changin.

What we do have to come to grips with, however, is the fact that as long as Hollywood Brown is a Raven (and I expect him to be for a loooong time) and AB is on the market, this is a narrative that's going to exist. It's not going anywhere anytime soon, and will only get louder upon a potential lifting of the suspension by the league. It is what it is.

It's best to look at the positives. Hollywood has a cousin who was once the best on the planet at the very same craft he's looking to perfect. You can't fault him for befriending him and using him as a resource. I'd do the same in his shoes no matter how checkered a past that relative may have, and you would too. Lamar stands to benefit from his knowledge too. Say what you will about AB, but the guy built himself into an unbelievable football player. There's no denying that. So what we have here is just 2 young guys looking to better themselves during this weird period of down time. Let's leave it at that.

PS: If AB somehow gives King Lamar the Rona, it'll be the shittiest thing he's ever done (kidding.... mostly)

PPS: Personal Announcement... after years and years of stubbornness and loyalty to Twitter, I've finally given up and created an Instagram. It's all the kiddos use these days and I consider it my duty to finally follow suit. I will start pumping out content there once I figure it the hell out. Please, do follow (and feel free to follow on Twitter too while you're at it)