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Alessandra Ambrosio Decided Now is the Perfect Time to Discuss Infinity While Dancing on a Beach in Brazil. She'll Get No Argument From Me.

Source - Alessandra Ambrosio is doing her part to help her fans get their minds off the frightening coronavirus pandemic that is gripping the world as the global death toll spills over 44,000.

The Brazilian bombshell posted a new video clip called Astral + Infinity to her GAL Floripa Instagram page where she is dancing around in a sizzling hot beige bikini.

'In a world where everything seems finite it can be hard to truly grasp infinity,' began her message. 'In a world where every person seems to be separate from every other person, place and thing, it can be so challenging to experience the Oneness and Unity of all life. All is one. Only Oneness is infinite.'

Rockabilly music is played while Alessandra touches her hair and walks on the shore in her teeny two piece made by herself and two others. 

I understand how marketing works and that this post is just designed to sell a bathing suit line.

Hell, the company I work for invented the concept of "sex sells." It had never been tried before about 2005 and the invention of the Smokeshow. So I would never begrudge a swimwear manufacturer from using the technique, now or ever. 

But to me the important thing is not to lose sight of the message Alessandra is trying to get across. Because there are some deep scientific and metaphysical insights presented here. When discussing infinity, she's like a flawless, 38-year-old, Size 1 Brazilian Stephen Hawking explaining event horizons and the model of the universe in which spacetime curves in on itself. 

But she is more than smart; she is wise. She understands that science has no worth without philosophy. That we are more than just carbon based life forms. We are spiritual beings, linked by a Oneness and Unity and other capitalized nouns. When she speaks of the abstract like that, it's a mystical experience. She's like an impeccably tanned, perfectly bone-structured Dalai Lama, reciting the Desiderata in Alec Baldwin's baritone while riding a Pegasus. 

Sincerely, Alessandra's are the wisest words on the topic  of the infinite I've heard since the "Plate o' Shrimp" speech in "Repo Man."

We are connected. There is a cosmic unconsciousness. And the key to understanding it all is watching Brazilian bikini models frolick in the waves while violating social distancing guidelines. I feel wiser already.