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April Fool's Day Is NOT The Time For A Fringe 2nd Round NBA Draft Prospect To Declare He's Turning Pro

April Fools? Or is this real........? I mean this is just an absolutely wild day to announce something like this. It's like getting engaged or announcing a pregancy on April 1st. Choose another day if it's real, buddy. On any normal April Fools Day, we've got everything from kids filling Oreos with toothpaste (murderable offense) to Taco Bell announcing they've bought the liberty bell to Pornhub changing their name to Cornhub and only showing suggestive videos of sweet corn. I know with the pandemic and everything, people have taken a much different apporach this year, but don't you think Kaleb Wesson could've maybe tweeted this yesterday? Or tomorrow? Especially because it's not a no-brainer that he should be declaring. The dude is perhaps a fringe 2nd rounder, and making this announcement on April 1st just shows a lack of reality or that he just wants to watch the world burn.

Now as for the basketball aspect of it.

Yesterday's mock draft on Sports Illustrated had Wesson going 41st overall to the Spurs. I mean, that's great and all, but why are we leaving early to MAYBE be a 2nd round pick? Remember when LaQuinton Ross left early from Ohio State to not get drafted? How's he doing now? I do think Wesson will be drafted somewhere in the 2nd round, but that's not guaranteed or big time money. Kaleb Wesson decided to come back for another season in college at this time last year, and he should be making the same decision today. I know the new draft process means he can still return if he decides later, but that letter looks like he's gone. The Buckeyes are going to be LOADED next year, and the dude just isn't a 1st round pick......come back!

I don't know, you guys. I'm undersized and without the deadly jumpshot that a person of my kind needs to be successful on the basketball court, so I can't give much advice on what he should do. And while I'm usually the biggest proponent of going to get that money whenever you can, I think this is the wrong move today. Is he really going to get that money? Or is he leaving early to play G League basketball instead of keeping that steady cash flow we give out at Ohio State?

At least he's going out on top though. A National Champion!