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Smitty Saying I'm A Bad COD Teammate Is The Biggest Lie Since Watergate

General, general, general. This fucking guy has some pair of balls on him. I may be a lot of things, but a bad teammate is not one of them. First and foremost I look out for the team...and what is not shown in that clip is 2 more guys in that attic to the right. And what did I have? 2 frag grenades! So what does a great teammate (and COD player) do when he sees 3 guys in an attic with 'splodes in his pocket? He throws the 'splodes at 'em. That's all can be said. Well that and the 'splodes did wind up downing them directly before another team came up the steps and had their way with me.

But there's always tomorrow & tomorrow is right now. Come watch me, Ellie, and the General (attempt to) get some Dubs on warzone while I prove how good of a teammate I am.

PS - I still am not ashamed.