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After Last Night's 'The Scheme' Documentary, LSU's AD Put Out A Statement Saying Will Wade Is Still Head Coach ... Uhh, No Shit

Uh yeah, no shit. What else are they going to say? Oh you know what? We watched the doc and wow we never knew that this wiretapped call which was discussed in court before would come up. Guess what we have to fire Will Wade now! Of course not. You force the NCAA's hands. 

In case you missed it - last night HBO dropped The Scheme, a documentary focusing on Christian Dawkins and the FBI investigation into college hoops. It was interesting just to listen to Dawkins talk and see some of the undercover agents cameras, but it wasn't surprising or anything like that. There was no new information. The only other 'new' thing we got was being able to listen to this wiretapped call from Will Wade (along with some from Sean Miller and Book Richardson) 

Also let's just think about where we are right now. No one can get together. Do we really think the NCAA is going to make some sort of ruling on LSU or any other program right now? Absolutely not. It's going to be drawn out. Not to mention, Will Wade is winning. LSU is winning games. That's all that matters. If you're LSU just keep winning games and deal with the NCAA whenever they come calling. 

I'll never not laugh at Will Wade saying he made a strong ass offer though. That's just a hilarious way to frame it, especially when you just look at Wade.