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Should 'Smokeshows Doing Squats' Be My New Franchise?

I've noticed a significant uptick in smut lately on the blog. To be honest, it warms my heart. If we can help aspiring influencers grow their brand by shining a light on their work during an economic downturn then I'm all for it. Having said that, part of it worries me. I feel like I'm getting left behind. Nate has 'Models In Quarantine', WhiteSoxDave 'Smut' and what do I have? Twerk Tuesday? Twerk Tuesday sucks. Therefore I'm taking my signature smut blog and rebranding it.** The best part is, this is smut you can actually use. Everyone needs to stay in shape during quarantine. So do as these ladies do and you'll be ready for beach season in no time. First up: glutes. 

**On second thought this blog was a one off. See you next Tuesday!