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Ovi Working Out And Taking Dance Breaks With Ovi Jr Is Adorable

Too stinkin' cute, man. I love all the videos of the Ovi family that Mrs. Ovi posts online. It's great because Alex is a kid himself, so he gets along perfectly with his son. Plus, lil' O loves poppa O so much

it's just so adorable every time.

And it's nice to see Ovi working out. Putting that home gym to use. 

And I'm gonna be honest, the thing I miss the most through all of this is watching him play. I just miss watching the Caps so much. I hate that we are wasting all this time in Ovi's career. I hate that he won't be able to hit 50 goals this year (stuck at 48). I hate we won't have the chance to make another run at a Cup. 

But that's life right now and I'm learning to accept it. Just bums me out, man. We need Ovi back in his office shooting it 150 MPH as soon as possible. 

But for now? Russian music dance breaks it is.