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The 11 Most Electric Athletes Of Our Lifetime

I wrote this blog a couple days ago about Pavel Bure and ever since I've been falling down rabbit holes of youtube highlights. I am so desperate for sports that I have turned to memories. Going back to times that made me fall in love with sports. It's become a new past time when I really need one. Started with Bure and I ended up with a list of 11. My favorite highlights only athletes. I am sure people will have their own guys to add, so please do that in the comments or hit me up on twitter. 

In no particular order, here we go

Javy Baez

The only baseball player on the list. It's hard to be an electric factory in baseball since the game is so static, but Javy makes every game fun. The slides, the tags, the bombs where he swings out of his shoes. He is the most fun player to watch in all of baseball right now. As a casual baseball fan I wouldn't trade him for anyone. 

Allen Iverson

The all-time leader in broken ankles. Played fast. Made people look dumb. Virtually unguardable. I could watch prime AI on loop forever

Reggie Bush at USC

Reggie Bush in college was appointment TV. I remember where I was for that game against Fresno State. College Football is better when USC is good and Reggie Bush was the perfect star for LA. He was Superman. 

Artemi Panarin

Paranin was spectacular from his very first game in the NHL. Speed, skill, huge brain, and an infectiuous attitude. A guy who lives to score goals. He just keeps getting better too. Just an incredible talent. 

Alex Ovechkin

In my opinion, Ovi is the greatest goal-scorer of all-time regardless of whether or not he finishes his career with the record. He's a force of nature. A guy so exciting that he can attract the casual fan to pay attention to hockey. And…he's a fucking wrecking ball. Loves throwing his body around. When he's on the ice you can't take your eyes off of him

Michael Vick

A guy who should've had a better career, but fucked it up by being a psycho and a moron. Having said that, when he was at his peak nobody was shining brighter than Michael Vick. 

Randy Moss

That first year in Minnesota and his first year in New England he was the most fun player in sports. The anticipation of a seven step drop with a heave down the field knowing Randy was on the other end was the most excillerating anticipation pause. You'd hold your breath for those 2 or 3 seconds and Moss would do something sensational and make it look easy. The man has a youtube highlight video out there that is 27 minutes long. That has to be a record

Devin Hester

Speaking of anticipation…the ball in the air on a kick off going to Hester. If you punted to Devin Hester between 2006 and 2010 you're a god damn idiot. Put him in the Hall of Fame

Derrick Rose

Patrick Kane

I put these two guys together just to illustrate how good we had it here in Chicago between 2008-2011. When Rose was right and healthy and Kane was doing his thing there was something spectacular on TV basically every single night all winter long. There was no better place to live in the world as a sports fan at that time. Sheer entertainment every single day. Didn't matter that it was zero degrees outside. You were gathered around the warm glow from your TV, you had Miller Lites in the fridge, and hope in your heart. Can't imagine a better way to spend my early 20s than watching those two guys do their thing. With Javy, Hester, Panarin, Kane, and Rose we have had it pretty good here in Chicago. 

That's my list. Vince Carter, Pavel Datsyuk, Vince Young at Texas, and Russell Westbrook are my honorable mentions.