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Just Give The Hart Trophy To This Kid Who Made All 31 NHL Logos Out Of Dominoes

As much as it sucks to think about, we need to start bracing ourselves for the potential that there will be no more hockey for the 2019-20 season. I know we all want to stay positive and everything but there's a chance the season is over for good. And if that's the case, well then how do you hand out any awards at the end of the season? I know they're technically regular season awards and most of the regular season is already wrapped up, but still. If the season is over, I've got Dominoes Beast at the top of my voting list for the Hart Trophy. 

I mean this kid just buzzed around the entire league with ease. Each one of these was like snapping off a perfect tape-to-tape breakout pass through the neutral zone, clean entry into the offensive zone, quick drop pass at the top of the circles, then a quick little tic-tac-toe for an easy bury on the back door. Just a crispy rush down the ice from start to finish. Certified beauty. McDavid could never.