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Violent Crime In Chicago Is Down 77% Thanks To COVID-19

WGN — Illinois’ stay-at-home order continues to have a big impact on Chicago’s crime statistics.

Murders were down 77% last week from the same period last year, according to newly released data from the Chicago Police Department. There were just three murders in seven days.

Other large declines were noted in thefts and burglaries in the city.

Crime is down. Traffic is dead. Booze sales are up. An overwhelming percentage of the city is extremely horny and turns out they're dropping the MJ doc a few months early. I'm not saying it but...Some other notable benefits include a surge in the e-gaming community. Long-term security in the price of gold with a corresponding jolt to the viability of crypto models everywhere. Greenhouse gas emissions have plummeted while natural life rebuilds the global ecosystem and your checking account takes a breather.

Probably most underrated though is Corporate America realizing you can save a lot of time and money just doing shit online. Imagine that. Turns out you don't have to reverse commute to the suburbs just to work on a desktop computer that's hardwired to the company's servers. Surprise surprise you don't need to physically be in person for literally any powerpoint presentation. You can give the same C- effort from home and that in turn means less time under fluorescent lights counting down the minutes until your afternoon dump. 

So while I would be inclined to stop this quarantine immediately, without hesitation. I think we can at least agree there are some benefits even if the numbers are a little skewed. 

Despite declines in the last two weeks as more people stayed home during the COVID-19 pandemic, murders are up 16% for the year and shooting are up 23%.