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Smokeshow Granddaughter of Carole Baskin's Missing Husband Thanks Joe Exotic for His Murder Plot

Source - The Tiger King saga is so chaotic that it was only a matter of time before it made its way onto TikTok. A girl claiming to be the granddaughter of Don Lewis, the husband of Carole Baskin who mysteriously disappeared, has come forward on the app to give her take on the documentary series. ...

"First and foremost I do want to thank the producers for shedding some light on this horrible situation," Tiffany Lewis begins the video. "I haven't heard his voice in over 20 years and just hearing it was a blessing." ...

"Do you guys think that she murdered my grandfather?" she asks. "Or do you think he ran away with none of his fucking money?"

She is even more resolute in the comments, liking comments like "she murdered him no doubt" and "I'm not saying she killed him but I'm saying she knows a lot about sardine oil and what tigers like their humans dipped in." ...

She ended the video with a nod to Exotic, thanking him for "trying to do what he tried to do," seemingly a reference to his attempt to hire someone to kill Baskin (Exotic maintains his innocence). 

First of all, thank you to Tiffany Lewis for finally unleashing the full power of TikTok. Her pioneering efforts have demonstrated the medium can be much more than just super attractive 18-to-24 year olds confirming their super attractiveness by lip-syncing to autotuned music. It can be a force for change. Something that can make the world a better place. Somewhere we can go to mourn our loved ones,  and celebrate the murder-for-hire plots that almost whacked our grandfathers' mistresses. 

I'm not usually one to support someone who supports attempted murder. But Tiffany won me over. Both with her personal charm and the power of her argument. Carole Baskin does know more about the use of sardine oil to flavor human flesh in tiger cuisine than your average crazy cat lady. Why would her grandfather take off without his millions? Tiffany sure as shit wouldn't and neither would you or I. It has to suck to grow up knowing you could've had a granddaughter's share of all that money, but your family got like 10% of it while Carole and her bland, submissive third husband got the rest. So I feel her pain. Besides, there's something about the way she thanks Joe that speaks to me. The flirty eye roll. The cringe that says "Yup! I Said it!" The total package.

She's got sass and she's got spunk and I hope she gets the justice that has eluded her family this entire time. I just wish the producers of "Tiger King" had included her somehow because she would've stolen the show. But until then, she's my Tik Tok Queen. But since they dropped the Tiffany ball, let's cue the autotune: