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Adam Schefter Went At The NFL's Neck For Proceeding Like Its Business As Usual While Coronavirus Runs Rampant In The Country


You know shit is bad when Adam Schefter is getting caliente and taking shots at the NFL. I haven't seen someone come out swinging that recklessly since the Dez Bryant tape. If Roger Goodell is the chief protector of The Shield, then Schefty is Sam AKA Falcon AKA the next person in line to hold The Shield if need be and he took the Shield, turned that sumbitch sideways, and shoved it straight up Goodell's candy ass.

I mean I get where Schefter is coming from. The NFL acting like getting masses of humanity will be able to get together to play a game anytime soon is preposterous. But at the same time, the NFL has been able to do everything they were supposed to do since signing the CBA and free agents can be done remotely, which thank God they did since NFL free agency has pretty much been the only thing keeping me sane the last few weeks. I've also personally asked NFL owners to give all 32 GMs a pass for this draft and promise not to criticize any of their picks since teams cannot administer physicals, go to pro days, or meet with prospects in person. It's no different than playing your buddy in video games and beating him as he uses the shitty third party controller that has the sticky X button. We are all taking one for the team right now, which is why I appreciate the NFL at least teasing us that life will be normal come summer before inevitably cancelling everything because it'll probably be against the law to do anything that resembles anything close to a normal season let alone offseason and God knows what things will look like in 3 weeks when the draft actually does roll around. Fuck.

P.S. Don't get mad at me, but there is nooooo chance that Hard Knocks is happening this year. Here are some crazy ass Calvin Johnson highlights to ease your pain.