Unemployed 22 Year Old Leader Of Boston Protesters Want Mayor Walsh To Call And Beg Her To Meet (More Protests Planned To Disrupt First Night)



Bostonherald – An organizer for a local group protesting the killings of unarmed black men by white police is rebuffing Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s offer for a sit-down — arguing he should make the first move — and vowing to continue demonstrations in the Hub despite calls for calm in the wake of the assassination of two New York cops. “We’ve always made our contact information public. All of our community organizers’ contact information is public. So I think the mayor has every available outlet to contact us,” said Black Lives Matter Boston organizer Daunasia Yancey, when asked if the group would take the mayor up on his offer for a face-to-face at City Hall. And another large-scale protest is being planned alongside Boston’s annual First Night festivities. A representative of First Night Against Police Violence confirmed last night that a massive “die-in” protest will take place in Copley Square at 5 p.m., but declined to comment on the event, saying “We’ve all agreed not to talk to the media about it.” The Rev. Eugene F. Rivers III, co-founder of TenPoint Coalition, said Black Lives Matter Boston and other protest groups should jump at the chance to meet with Walsh because it will help them “move from protest to policy.”“If these activists refuse to take Mayor Walsh up on his offer, they’re not serious. It’s that simple,” said Rivers. “This was just kids having fun masquerading as a political protest if they don’t.”

Daunasia Yancey is everything that is wrong with everything. When I think of people who just protest for the sake of protesting she is EXACTLY who I think of.

This the description of herself on Linkd In. It’s almost like my brain leaked into reality.

“Daunasia Yancey is an African-American, aggressive-femme lesbian, sexual health educator, poet and activist, born and raised in Boston, MA. Daunasia has worked for several Boston area non-profits, including the Boston Alliance of GLBT Youth (BAGLY), Fenway Health and Boston GLBT Adolescent Social Services (GLASS). She previously served on the Boards of Directors of BAGLY and the National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC). She is currently taking time off from pursuing an (expensive) degree in Public Health while continuing to change the world.”


Well this is everything I hate about serial protesters wrapped into a nice little ball.

Aggressive femme lesbian? Check
Poet? Check
Activist? Check
Unemployed? Check.
Trying to Change the world at age 22? Check.

The Rev. Eugene F. Rivers III summed it up perfectly. This girl should jump at the chance to meet with Mayor Walsh because it will help them “move from protest to policy. Instead “this is just kids having fun masquerading as a political protest”

Boom roasted. That’s exactly what this is. This girl has no idea what she wants or how to get it or why she’s even protesting. She’s unemployed and has nothing else to do. At best she is wasting taxpayers dollars and making normal people’s lives miserable. At worst she is encouraging more violence against police officers and making dangerous work even more dangerous. I have no sympathy or patience for people like this. Get a job honey and stop blaming all your life problems on other people and things.



PS – Another protest group is planning on doing a “die in” protest tomorrow to coincide with First Night.  I think this means they lie in the street like they’ve been killed or something? Classic idiot protesters.  Let’s go interfere with the millions of people trying to just enjoy their lives and have fun with their families.  Let’s take this small group of idiots who have no friends, no life, and no NYE plans and try to fuck it up for everybody.  Let’s make the police’s job as hard as possible on an already hard night.  Let’s scare little kids.   Let’s try to shut down streets and grind the city to a halt.  Why? What does it accomplish? Umm absolutely fucking nothing.  Like there is nothing that can happen at this point to send a louder message to police enforcement about race relations.   Now it’s just about protesting for the sake of protesting and being an asshole.