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Welcome To The 35th Season Of 'The Challenge': Here Are The 15 Best Moments In Show History According To Barstool Bloggers

It's here, folks. The 35th season of The Challenge starts tonight and to be honest, we've never needed it more. It's been coined America's 5th major sport and right now it's America's 1st major sport. We need it. We need to see competition. We need to see the familiar faces like CT, Bananas, Jordan, Tori, etc. We need the GOAT commissioner in TJ Lavin back in our lives and we are getting it. 

So with that in mind I wanted to compile some of the most iconic moments during the first 34 seasons. It's no secret we're big Challenge fans here at Barstool. Everyone from Big Cat, Clem, Eddie, Chicks in the Office, Captain Cons, Chuck Naso, myself and I'm sure I'm forgetting some that watch it every season. If you want a look at the contestants Eddie broke them down earlier today: 

I got together (virtually, of course) with Eddie, Clem and Captain Cons to come up with some of the iconic moments that we remember. We're all relatively the same age so we all remember the moments pretty much the same. There are obviously a million moments so it was tough to come up with a list. In an effort to limit it (and try to find video of it all) we'll go with the 15 that stick out to us four. 

15. Jordan flips over all the cards to call out Bananas 

14. Brad takes down the legend known as Landon

13. Diem takes off her wig for the first time

12. Darrell and Brad's fight

11. Tonya vs Veronica with some slaps

10. CT attempts to rearrange Adam's face

9. Coral tells the world 'she beats bitches up'

8. TJ Lavin laughing during every idiotic response during trivia episodes

7. Kenny has to carry Wes during the final because Wes is weak

6. CT and Diem kiss

5. Bananas rips Sara's guts out 

4. Camila becomes absolutely possessed

3. Julie uh, well, attempts to murder Veronica


1. CT quite literally puts Bananas on his back

There you have it. 15 iconic moments from an iconic show. There's nothing like it. Remember, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. That will be said at least twice tonight is my guess. We get 'twists' and we get random hookups. It's truly one of the greatest shows ever. 

Make sure you're following along with Clem, Eddie, Cons and myself tonight. At the minimum follow @NoQuittersPod. That's right, follow No Quitters tonight and all season. If you know, you know. We'll have some surprises for you tonight perhaps even.