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Throughout The History Of The NHL, There Has Never Been A More Elite Shin Guard Taper Than Donald Brashear

Whenever you think about tape jobs in hockey, your mind immediately goes to the stick. And for good reason. Sure, you have some guys who might want to shake up their look a little with yellow skate laces. Sure, you have some guys who might want to shake up their look a little with what kind of visor they wear. But for the most part, the stick tape job is the one thing that is able to separate players from everybody else. That's how you end up getting a bunch of freaks like Pasta who tape their stick like a 5-year old. 

Players can have a unique tape job on their blade, a unique tape job on the knob, or they can get crazy and candy cane the shaft. Either way, there are plenty of options when it comes to taping your twig. But for the most part, there are just 3 or 4 standard ways that players choose to tape their shin guards. Option 1 is no tape at all. Option 2 is just one wrap around right under the knee. Option 3 is a wrap right under the knee which is then carried down and wrapped one more time around the shin. Or option 4 is to separate those into two separate cuts of tape. Or if you played club hockey in college, you use a skate lace and tie it around your shin guards. Either way, there's a lot less creativity when it comes to taping the shinnies. 

That is, of course, unless you are Donald Brashear. Because good god almighty do we need to talk about the legendary performance this man put on with a roll of tape back in the day. 

I mean....c'mon. The picture in those orange alternates might just be the single greatest photo in hockey history. The tape job. The tongue flop. The GOLD SYNERGY. That right there is a certified beautician. But it's the sock tape that really sets this man apart from everybody else in hockey history. I mean how much tape do you think this guy went through a year? At least half a roll per game. Considering there are 82 games in a season, I'll let you do the math on that one.

Also take another look at the picture in the black sweater at the top of the blog. That's an orange Synergy with black tape on the blade and white on the knob. This man was an artist with a roll of tape. Full color block on the socks and full team colors on the twig. What an unbelievable look. If we're being totally honest here, it's such an elite look that nobody else in the league should be allowed to wear the number 87 again, starting right now. 

Sidenote: While we're talking about Flyers with crazy sock tape jobs, Claude Giroux is a little out there as well. 

I mean FOUR wraps around the shins? FOUR?? Could you imagine if Claude showed up to the rink one day and asked if anybody had some clear he could borrow? There's always that one guy who mooches clear tape off of everybody else on the team. That's the good thing about Brashear's tape job is that he would use the color cloth tape, so it's not nearly as valuable as clear is in the locker room. Chances are he would always have his own tape in his bag since nobody else is carrying around a roll of orange tape with them. But clear tape in any locker room is a hot commodity, and there's always that one guy who asks to "borrow" some. As if that's even possible. How are you going to borrow tape from someone? You going to carefully take it off once the game is over and re-wrap it back on the roll? But yeah, if Claude asks to "borrow" clear tape from anyone in the locker room, he's handing them back an empty roll after going 4 wraps around both shins.