L.O.L. - The NCAA Is Going To Apparently 'Watch And Take Notes' From An HBO Documentary To Attempt To Punish College Hoops Programs

I mean come on. This is absolutely hilarious. They are going to use an HBO Documentary on Christian Dawkins - one of the key figures in the FBI investigation into the NCAA - to 'watch and take notes.' Absolutely hilarious that this is where we're at with them and how they are trying to build a case. I know that they are now allowed to use what's said in courts, etc to hand down punishments, but at what point do they just, you know, do their own job? In case you missed it, this is a preview of the doc that's coming out tomorrow: 

So the 'never before heard' calls have been heard. Granted, they haven't been heard by the general public, but the NCAA had this information already. This was discussed in courts, we just never heard them until tomorrow. So what is the NCAA actually going to do here? Write down some notes and then wait even more because of the pandemic? At some point you either have a case or you don't. 

I need to know more about the enforcement official that has to take the notes. I need to see the setup and honestly I'd watch a live cam of them watching the doc. Gotta see how they handle this, because there's a 0% chance they do it correctly. Could 100% see them getting up and using the shitter during the important part. If you're a LSU or Arizona fan you can't be THAT worried right? Like I said, it's all been out there before just not for the public. Everyone that thinks players deserve 0 money already think Sean Miller/Will Wade are 'cheaters' so what's the difference? 

Either way I'm pumped for this doc tomorrow. It at least gives us something new to watch and that's really all I want right now.