What's The Saddest Moment In A Sports Movie?

Another day of quarantine life, another day of arguing over the most pointless opinions online. 

My friend and captain of the Steelers defense Cam Heyward posed this question on Twitter on Sunday morning that stirred up quite the friendly sports fan debate to get us through to the next one. 

Remember The Titans is definitely full of them. Gary getting in the car wreck, Coach Boone telling Julius that Gary is paralyzed, Julius and Gary crying about getting old and fat together. 

That whole sequence just wrecks you. 

But since Cam went there with Remember The Titans, I chose something else: 

Boobie Miles crying in his uncle's arms after realizing he can't play football anymore in Friday Night Lights

Every time it gets me. Every damn time. I wanted to see Boobie spin! I wanted to see Boobie playing on Saturday with a classic Keith Jackson "Whoooa Nelly" as he takes one 70 yards to the house. 

I saw a graphic going around on Twitter asking which character from a football movie would you pick and I don't know if it's because Boobie Miles is a real person, but he wasn't on there. He doesn't get enough credit. 

He could do it all. 

Legendary line. 

No way you haven't been playing a video game or any time your team runs any sort of trick play that you haven't screamed a hardy "AND HE CAN PASS!" like Boobie's uncle. 

We missed out on all that because Waterbug couldn't find his damn helmet. What a tragedy. Could he have been in on it trying to get Boobie as many unnecessary snaps as possible because his girlfriend wanted someone who scores touchdowns?

Little too coincidental in my opinion. 

There were plenty of moments that were thrown out there. 

This is definitely a tear-jerker, but it's more of a "happy cry" no? They finally get reunited to have a great father-son moment. That's how I look at it at least. 

Yep. That's up there. Hardball had me crying when i was like 8 years old because of poor little G-Baby. Just not fair. 

Wooow. "THROW THE DAMN TOWEL!" The chaos of that scene always makes my head spin. Apollo's wife sitting ringside in tears before he goes back out there for one last round. What the hell is up with Carl Weathers getting the shaft in movies? Apollo Creed, and who could forget Chubbs Peterson. These deaths kill me. 

Kind of an unexpected entry here especially when the others are people dying / people's dreams dying, but I feel this one, too. Even as a little kid I haaaated that part when the quarterback is just ripping him in front of the team. It was the worst too when he says to Mama "I'm tired of not having any friends". The softy cat dad in me gets bummed during that part. Luckily for Bobby it all comes golden on the other side. 

There's plenty of sadness going on right now. Tomorrow I'm going to have to do the best / happiest moments in a sports movie to lift the spirits, but today there were just too many good responses to turn it away. 

Let Boobie spin forever.