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The Rock Says Know Your Damn Role And He Made Charlie Ward Decide To Play In The NBA Instead Of The NFL

If you don't like to imagine Dwayne Johnson saying that after sacking Charlie Ward I don't want to know you. I like to assume Dwayne Johnson was The Rock at all times. This story hits a little home for me. Obviously, as a 32-year old man blogger I love(d) wrestling, although Stone Cold > The Rock. Also as a Knicks fan I loved Charlie Ward. There was just something about him, even if he wasn't as good as Chris Childs, that made me just always be a Charlie Ward fan. Pretty sure 10 year old Reags had a Charlie Ward jersey. 

I've been rewatching a lot of old Wrestlemania's during this quarantine with nothing else to watch during the day. The difference of them (obviously from Attitude Era to present day) is jarring. But really it's all about The Rock deciding to go Hollywood. I get it. He became a massive star and became even richer. No one is blaming him for that. You can kind of equate that to Charlie Ward. Granted, Ward wasn't as big of a star as The Rock but he was a Heisman Trophy winner and a goddamn good quarterback. 

Just like Charlie Ward, you'd be stupid not to choose the NBA over the NFL. Go get money, have a longer career and not get tackled into the ground or your head slammed. Feel like that's a win-win. Yeah, you had to play for the Knicks. But I'm taking that life a million times over someone like the Rock sacking me. 

Bonus: Rock vs Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 19