Post Malone Is Hosting A Virtual Beer Pong Tourney With Gronk, Camille Kostek, Trevor Bauer, And A Bunch Of Other People To Raise Money For COVID-19 Relief

Source - We're told the bracket will include 16 teams ... with names like Travis Kelce, Rob Gronkowski and his SI Swim model GF Camille Kostek, Johnny Manziel, Machine Gun Kelly, Kane Brown, MLB aces Trevor Bauer and Mike Clevinger and more slated to participate.

The tournament will take place over 8 days starting next week ... with 2 matchups per night (from the comfort of everyone's homes. Remember, social distancing!!)

The winning team will go home with a dope trophy, wrestling belts and chains to commemorate the victory.

We're told all the participants will chip in their fair share of dough to help those battling the coronavirus pandemic ... so it's not all just for getting lit during quarantine.

Pretty cool, right? I feel like Post Malone is one of those guys that everyone would want to drink with. Same goes for Gronk, Mike Stud and pretty much everyone on that list. Here's how he explained it on twitter:

Not bad. Decent looking trophy too. My only complaint is that the name is a little too close to Trent's "Ball In Cup" league. I'm not accusing them of stealing it, but Mike is a friend of firm. Just saying. Other than that it's great. It's also great that he's involving people who actually drink. Like you know everyone on that list is going to be entertaining once they get a few cans of loud mouth soup in them. 

That being said, I am a little worried about Johnny, Not the drinking part, the showing up part. We tried for a year and a half to get him to show up to ComebackSZN on time and he couldn't do it. Going to be tough to stream a one person beer pong game. Regardless, it's for a good casue and that's all that matters. Stay safe, kings. 


I guess Marty and Dana B are somehow in this which just made it an absolute must watch. What a world. Don't let us down, boys!