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The Baltimore Legend Who Faked Seizures To Get Out Of Paying For Dozens Of Meals Has Finally Been Sentenced To Jail

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CBS – Baltimore’s infamous “Dine and Dasher” is headed to prison. He’s notorious for racking up big restaurant bills and then faking a seizure to get out of paying. Prosecutors say he’s scammed dozens of local restaurants. Christie Ileto explains local restaurants are happy to see the tough sentence he’s getting. He’s made a career of faking seizures to avoid paying for food. But Friday, prosecutors say Andrew Palmer’s so-called career is ending, as a judge serves him with five years behind bars. “For years, he has preyed on our local restaurants, which are the life blood of the city’s economy as well as tied up 911 lines and paramedic services under false pretenses,” said Gregg Bernstein, Baltimore City State’s Attorney. Prosecutors say Palmer, 47, has a long rap sheet with 90 arrests, mostly for scamming restaurants. “When you have prior convictions like this, it subjects you to enhanced penalties,” said Bernstein. Palmer’s five year sentence stems from an October 2013 incident that happened at Oliver Speck’s before it closed. Officials say when he racked up an $89 tab and got the check, he faked a medical emergency. “I thought it was fake from the very beginning,” said Cari Fisher. “He was giving me the finger while he was seizing.” Fisher served Palmer at Mo’s Seafood on New Year’s Eve. She says he pulled the same stunt after ordering lobster tail and Grey Goose cocktails. Area businesses say they are relieved. “It’s not just like one time or two times. He has a long history. So somebody’s got to stop it,” said Fisher. Palmer’s dine-and-dash binge is over. Prosecutors say Palmers record extends to Virginia and even all the way down to Florida. Prosecutors say he is also currently on probation and subject to an additional five years as a result of a violation of his probation.

Pour some out for ol’ Andy Palmer tonight. A legend of the game, finally being locked up. It was a long fight for Palmer, eating the finest food across Baltimore and Michael J Fox’ing his way out of the bills. He never let up, never gave in. Got arrested over 90 times, but hardly served a day in jail. 90 arrests. The balls to be arrested 90 times and keep going back for more lobster tail is so impressive. This motherfucker was fake rolling around on the ground giving everyone the double freedom fingers on his way out. Nothing but respect. When you don’t give a fuck, you really don’t give a fuck. And this guy gave not a single fuck in the world. Grey Goose and shrimp cocktails all day and night.

PS: Unfortunately for him, jail food isn’t going to be the same as the food he’s been eating. Going to be a big adjustment period for him. It’ll be like rehab. Poor guy.