The Latest Jon Jones DWI Arrest Video Is Out

Alright, so the full Jon Jones arrest video was just released, and confirmed that yeah - he was pretty drunk. 

Jon struggled greatly with taking NINE steps forward in a straight line - even asked the cop to let him restart the test due to his "short-term memory loss" - and then told them when he got pulled over, he was just bein nice to homeless people. Whatever that means. Then, he couldn't do the alphabet from E to P. You get the point. He was a drunk guy failing drunk guy tests.

As for why he was out and about, not following his own advice... 

...Jon says he was just going a little stir crazy and wanted to go for a drive. 

Like I said yesterday, I'm not gonna sit here and parade around celebrating this. It's a shame. I wish he'd stop getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while he's fucked up. 

Everyone seems to think Jones may really be fucked this time, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were correct...

Stay tuned for the latest.