Bruce Arians Obliterated Any Notion of a Tom Brady-Antonio Brown Reunion

Thank god-a-mighty. Finally Bruce Arians is doing something I can actually be grateful for. 

Remember when Tom Brady and Antonio Brown were soulmates? Instant best friends for life the minute the first made eye contact across a crowded locker room? How those four receptions on eight targets against the Dolphins bonded them together at the feelings like Elliot and ET? And even after Elliot sent threatening texts to a woman that included pictures of her kids, Brady's heart light continued to glow for him? And how, even after Brown Instagrammed his insane tirade directed at the cops who were responding to a domestic call right in front of his kids, Brady could never stop pining for the other half of his emotional connection? At least according to people who work for Brown?

Yeah. So much for that. 

Bruce Arians knows better. He possesses the wisdom that can only come from experience. He was the OC of the Steelers for this unhinged malcontent's first two seasons. The guy who increased his role in Pittsburgh's offense from sixth round rookie with 16 receptions to 1,100 yards and a Pro Bowl. And even he wants to maintain maximum social distance from this mercurial nutjob.

So I guess now it means that Brady is furious, right? Even with the best pair of wideouts in the league, we've been told time and again that he wants to throw to his former Brookline roomie. In fact, the last time he got receiver-blocked, he seethed with resentment and vowed right then and there he was going to hit free agency because he was so pissed. At least that's what we've been hearing since September. So congrats to Arians for having the wisdom to save himself a major headache. But since Brady is supposed to be a such a demanding, meddling diva who loves AB with all his soul, I'm afraid he just created a different headache for himself.