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Just In Case...I Found The Best Way To Get Help From A Real Live Doctor Without Leaving Your Apartment

I noticed the other day that without even meaning to, I talked about mental health in like 4 straight blogs and a bunch of tweets. I guess it's pretty clear where my head's at as I head into...16, yup day 16 of quarantine.

I'm a very vocal supporter of video chat therapy during this crisis, but that's just 50% of it — there's the physical health you got to take care of to even be alive and strong enough to worry about the mental. So with that said,  I am now a very vocal supporter of the Barstool Sports x Ro Coronavirus Telehealth Assessment for your physical health. 

I'm scared of the virus obviously, but I'm also super anxious seeing the chaos around even getting tested for it. So many people confused about what to do and where to go, mobs of people that you want to avoid so you can socially distance. I've been dreading the day I wake up feeling sick and not knowing the next step.

That's why I'm f'ing pumped for this partnership with Ro., the parent company of Roman. The Coronavirus Telehealth Assessment is just a few questions that you do completely online, from home, in the safety of your own place. As soon as you start feeling off, just hop on on your phone or laptop and start listing your symptoms, your travel history, and outline of your exposure to others who may be infected.

And FYI, this assessment? It was not written by Barstool bloggers. Uncle Chaps or KB & Nick didn't blog this up. The assessment was designed by doctors and infectious disease experts, and is based on guidelines from the CDC and WHO. People who, no offense to the bloggers, are smart. They may not make you laugh...but they'll help save your life. 

Just answer their questions and if it turns out you actually do need it, they'll connect you with a medical professional for a consultation — an absolutely FREE consultation.  Free in ALL 50 STATES and Washington DC.

Yes, you can message or talk to an actual real life doctor from your couch. They'll chat with you and listen to what you have going on, and in the end let you know if you absolutely need to get to the hospital. Quick and easy and, again, free.

We work with a ton of great partners at Barstool and I can't really remember needing to fake excitement for any of the products, but I've also never been so pumped to promote something. Feels good to have our name next to Ro. on something that can help people and save lives during a super scary time, not to mention that I am personally right in the middle of that super scary time with everyone else.   You have no idea how much anxiety this takes away for me knowing that if I suspect the worst, I now know my first option, and it's ridiculously easy.  Hope this helps for you too.

Again, I can't stress this enough. If you’re worried that you may be experiencing symptoms, go to to start your free assessment today. 

And even if you feel totally fine right now, you should check out the site anyway. It's not just a link to the assessment — it's packed with resources to learn about coronavirus, protect yourself and minimize the risks.