Watch The Video Of Bucks Owners Daughter Mallory Edens That TikTok Doesn't Want You To See....Plus An Investigation Into Why It Was Taken Down

Let's start off with the obvious....this was a MASSIVE mistake by TikTok. Not allowing Mallory Edens to strive on your platform is a move that will be talked about in social media textbooks for years to come. 

As we can see in the video above, there is nothing wrong with it. If a video stays up on Instagram, it for sure should be staying up on other social media platforms. Instagram is notorious for how strict they are when it comes to content they do and don't allow.

With all that being said....why was the video taken down? We could just say "oh, copyrighted music" or "TikTok's algorithm falsely picked her up for breaking the rules." I want to present to you a real theory: China is mad that Giannis never spoke out like James Harden or LeBron James did during the Daryl Morey situation. 

You may remember long, long ago in the fall of 2019, Daryl Morey had a rough up with the Chinese government for supporting the Hong Kong protestors as the Rockets prepared for a preseason game in China. This was a massive story, that the NBA, ultimately, recovered from without much harm (I think) thanks to comments from the likes of LeBron and James Harden not supporting Daryl Morey's remarks. You know who didn't say anything? Giannis. You know who he plays for? The Bucks. You know who is the daughter of the Bucks owner? Mallory Edens. 

I cracked the case, guys. You're welcome.