Friendly Reminder As You Praise Doctors & Nurses Right Now: Only Our Troops Have Difficult Jobs That Require Sacrifice

Huge shout out to our doctors and nurses for taking the Veteran Justice Warrior (VJW) heat off of Hollywood actors & professional athletes (even the dead ones!) for a second here:

Billy big "D" is SERIOUS, and definitely not a complete moron, and he's looking for backup if you're interested folks.

Right, these so-called 'humanitarian heroes' with scars on their faces from wearing protective glasses on 22 hour shifts with no rest and not enough equipment are getting on my nerves with all that, too. Sheesh.

As I skimmed around online today I found others along the same line and our ZeroBlog30 Podcast social-media-guy & Marine, Kyle G., noted in a totally non sarcastic way that should be taken very seriously:

Sometimes people forget that only troops can have difficult jobs that require sacrifice. This is a nice reminder.

Indeed. Grateful that these watchdogs are making sure we don't give credit to people who are risking their lives for others and working incredibly stressful, heartbreaking & exhausting hours away from their families for us with no end in sight since they didn't go to a boot camp or something. It would be terrible if we started respecting, praising and admiring others all willy nilly. 

In the meantime we'll just have to hope this blows over soon so we can get back to normal:

Ah yes, all those awful days of killing people with pen knives. Really takes me back to the 'Stan. 

Again, hope things get better soon because we can't let these actors, actresses and sports stars start thinking their talents & dedication to difficult & highly skilled work inspires people. And if any of them seem like heroes to you? You might want to check yourself because you're being unAmerican.

Man, I stepped away from the blog for a moment because I was getting real fired up at people caring about doctors, nurses, athletes and stuff when they should only have the emotional capacity to care for our Gods, The Troops. 

But something did make me think a little bit… We had some commenters on our ZBT post who really brought things into perspective for me so I'm a bit sorry. I'm not ready to say they're heroes yet, but I respect all of our hospital workers right now. TY Jimbo & Evan. 

(*Real shoutout to some of the doctors & nurses in my DMs telling me what they're going through right now. Can't even begin to imagine and we are so grateful and lucky you're able to do what you do. Dare I say, you're my heroes 110%.) If you think they're heroes, too, here's 7 ideas for ways you can support them. (I know not everyone's in Bay Area but the ideas are good in general.)

In closing, very much looking forward to the comments of those who did not read the blog. TYFYC.