ESPN Can Go Straight To Hell For This NBA Video

Alright so this is a tricky spot for me because I am on record with how much I love a good mashup, especially when it's NBA related. More often than not they always deliver and this certainly is not the first time we've seen an NBA video paired with this theme song. Having said that, ESPN can take this video and shove it right up their ass. How on earth can you make a video about this season and include guys like Steph, Draymond, Kyrie/Durant, etc, all guys who haven't done a goddamn thing this year?? You're going to leave out Ja Morant but include Zion? Shame on you. That was annoying but not what made me upset. It's been a while since I've been triggered online about a Celtics snub now that I've gotten older, but seeing as how I am deep in quarantine brain the lack of any Celtic in that video has me full of rage

You know, the team with the 

- 5th best winning percentage in the league

- 5th best offense

- 4th best defense

- 5th best net rating

- 2 All Stars

- Tacko

can't get a single player included in this? Unacceptable. Kemba, Tatum, Jaylen, Brad, I don't give a shit who you choose but the fact that nobody was included has me very mad online. Like what the fuck is Draymond Green doing in this video? It started off fine, I enjoyed the clip of Embiid eating a cheeseburger but my anger grew as the seconds went by and there was no Celtic to be found. Didn't Andre Drummond and Blake play like 5 games together this year? That dude isn't even on the Pistons anymore! Pathetic. 

You know, ESPN was already on thin ice with me once they released this commercial about the MJ doc with a COMING SOON

only to then say that it is in fact NOT coming soon. June is not soon you idiots learn how to read a calendar. So I was already pretty annoyed with those assholes. Now you do this to me when we are on Day 16 with no Celtics basketball? 

I fully understand I'm probably the only person on the planet who gives a shit about this. I'm sure most of you watched that video and enjoyed it. I understand this is petty and nobody else is going to give a shit but this is what happens when you take basketball away from me. I get upset over stupid things that under normal circumstances wouldn't bother me one bit. 

I'll concede there were other terrible snubs like no Trae Young, no Jimmy Butler, no Booker, no AD but honestly I don't really care about any of those guys. Leaving out any member of a top 5 team in the league is simply unacceptable.