Was This The Greatest Scene In Documentary History?

I’m sure most of you have watched Tiger King by now, if you haven’t go do it because its a great way to get 7 hours closer to life being back to normal. I finished it last night and I can’t stop thinking about this scene in Episode 7. How did this come about? Who’s idea was it? I’d like to imagine it was James Garretson, the man on the Jetski’s idea. He had his one shot. His one chance to show the world just how fucking cool he is (even though he’s a snitch) and he chose this. The most badass clip ever. Gassing up the Sea-Doo and whipping it around the lake in slow-mo. Probably did like a dozen re-takes to make sure he got the mood just right. What does a documentary about the fucked up people that own Tigers need? More Jet-Skis. Mission accomplished.

He’s the blocking out the Haters kid mixed with Kenny Powers but it’s all real life.


Later Bitches.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 10.57.02 AM


I love to imagine guys like this who own a single Jet-Ski having nothing else of material worth, but they have their Jet Ski. Live in a rental, have a beat up old car, behind on the bills, but none of that matters, because when the Yamaha Wave Runner is out on the Lake 10-15 times a year, he’s the King of the world.