Feel Good Thursday: A Community Threw A Social Distancing Welcome Home Parade For A Girl That Just Finished Her Final Chemo Treatment

I know it's supposed to be Feel Good Friday but since days of the week don't exist anymore we are rolling with this video today because we can all use it right now. In fact, I need someone to send this video to coronavirus with a note telling that fucking asshole to put this in his pipe and smoke it. Because for all the people getting sick and all the shitty news we have been getting, this is how humanity bounce back. By fighting back against deadly diseases and not only celebrating right in its fucking face but doing so responsibly by keeping a safe and social distance. 

I have never been a traditional parade fan since watching people walk down a street in what is usually cold weather simply because people have been doing it for hundred of years back when there was nothing else to do seems impossibly stupid. But welcome home parades may be my current favorite thing in the world because my soul was beaming for the first time in weeks while watching that video. 

So welcome home Coco and thank you for fighting the good fight to make this video possible, thank you to Coco's parents who have to have been put through the ringer during all this for recording this video, and thank you to everyone in Coco's community for giving us something to smile about during these dark days.

And as always, #FuckCancer