Guy Reacts To His Neighbor Singing On The Balcony In The Most New York Way Ever

Ugh. It warms my heart to see such community in a time of need. I would've been worried if people had started to joined in. That fact that this guy was greeted with a "shut the fuck up" means that New York is still New York. Corona may have taken away the restaurants and stores, but the attitudes remain. I consider that a glimpse of hope in an otherwise grim situation. 

To be honest I don't even think a nuclear war could get New Yorkers to sing from their balconies. We're not Italy.

 We're not a romantic people. We hate each other. We're assholes. (Can't believe I'm using "we". ) We're abrasive and mean and blunt. And if you're singing on your balcony you can shut the fuck up. We're not there yet. Well said, guy yelling from balcony. Let's have ourselves a Thursday.