Apparently There's A 'Doomsday Provision' NBA Owners Could Trigger And Spencer Dinwiddie Says If That Happens Players Will Refuse To Play

[Source] - Here’s the problem with the doomsday provision. Let’s say they run the numbers and determine they can save x amount of dollars by instituting the force majeure, they stop paying players, let insurance cover certain things, yada yada yada. If you do that, the players aren’t coming back this season. You’re telling me you want me to come back in two weeks but you’re not going to pay me? That doesn’t work in any type of business. It seems like the goal is to salvage the season in some form or fashion, which means you’re going to have to keep paying us, so we show up when you want us to show up.

I love Spencer Dinwiddie. He's one of those guys that interacts with everyone on Twitter, isn't afraid to speak his mind and is also just a funny dude. So I found this interview pretty interesting, especially this part about the doomsday provision that NBA owners can trigger. What is that you ask? Woj explains it a bit here

The CBA includes a clause called the force majeure event clause that includes multiple dramatic scenarios -- including epidemics -- that the league could trigger in the event of a worst-case scenario. Other instances that could trigger the clause include natural disasters and war.

According to Article XXXIX, Section 5 in the CBA, players lose 1/92.6 of their salary for every game missed as a result of a force majeure event -- this refers to events or conditions that make it impossible for the NBA to perform its obligation under the CBA.

Listen, I wouldn't blame the players for not wanting to show up for not getting paid. It's their job, you get paid for your job. I'm also not going to feel bad for NBA owners - especially James Dolan - if they end up losing money. Sure, it sucks, but everyone is losing money. When you have jackasses like the Sixers owners trying to cut salary when they are the billionaires, it's tough to truly feel bad for them. 

I'd be surprised if they do go with this doomsday provision. Not when you have players already coming out and saying they ain't showing up for games if that happens. If it does? Well we need Keanu Reeves and Roy from the Office to come suit up. 

I'm real interested in seeing how the NBA adapts whenever the sports world can continue. Are they going to adjust the calendar? Because if so, that changes college hoops. We could be looking at different draft dates or players being drafted as the season is going on like baseball. Are they just going to go right into a shortened playoff? It's going to be fascinating to watch. 

Just don't use the doomsday provision. 


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