California Man Caught In Fake Coronavirus Cure Scam Tried To Claim Magic Johnson Was Involved

According to ABC 30, a SoCal man was one of the first of many to be arrested for fraud related to profiting off a fake cure for COVID-19.

Authorities say Keith Lawrence Middlebrook, 53, claimed to have developed a patent-pending cure and a treatment to prevent coronavirus infection.
He was soliciting million-dollar investments in his company and claimed it would return hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. Middlebrook also claimed to have Earvin "Magic" Johnson on his board. Investigators confirmed Johnson had no involvement in the company.

Holy shit.

This guy was allegedly telling people that not only did he have the cure for coronavirus but that Magic Johnson was all in on the cure. I mean this guy is clearly a huge scumbag that's going to go away for quite some time if the allegations are true, but he's not an idiot. Magic Johnson is like second to only God in terms of a partner investors would want to hear is on the board for a company that claims to have the cure for a global pandemic. It goes 1) God, 2) Magic Johnson, 3) Dr. Fauci. 

Not only is Magic Johnson the man in SoCal where this lunatic was peddling his fake cure, but the other thing about Magic makes this the best possible pick for a fake business partner in this particular con. 

"Yes I created the cure that shuts down the COVID-19, that makes the cells from the coronavirus detach, release and die within 48 hours," he claims in one video.

Before he got busted, he had a video with over a million views and a few others over 500k, talking about the cure via his magic pill. He was offering a 100 million dollar returns on a one million dollar investment into his company. That's a fantastic return.  To make things better he got caught the same way most people get caught for hiring a hitman these days. He offered the con to an undercover FBI agent posing as a potential investor. 

Check out his instagram, which I shared above, while you still can. It has all the videos, and it's great to just take a closer look at his old jacked ass. 

I mean look at that credit score. I've never seen one that high out of the few I've seen including mine. It might take a dip here soon though.

He's facing up to 20 years in prison and I hope he gets all 20 and then some to set a standard to potentially deter people trying to scam people over the coronavirus, but I expect the price gauging and cons will only intensify in the coming weeks. Doubtful any of them top this one though.

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