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There Truly Is Nothing Quite Like A Good Buzzer Beater

This may seem a bit random but I won a HUGE playoff game in my 2K dynasty on a last second buzzer beater (shoutout Jayson Tatum) earlier today and it made me think about how awesome buzzer beaters are. Honestly there's nothing quite like it. When the shot goes up and everyone in the arena is dead silent only for complete chaos to unfold moments later. Usually there's a great call to go along with it which only adds to the experience. Lord knows how many buzzer beaters we've been robbed of with no March Madness and no NBA basketball. You know the tournament is usually a lock for a handful that either bust your bracket or keep it alive. We've had more than our fair share of buzzer beaters in the league that have changed the course of NBA history so this is my effort to bring buzzer beaters back into your life while we all wait for sports to come back.

Love a good buzzer beater. Always have and always will

Admit it. You had fun. Impossible to not love the thrill of a last second prayer finding its way through the net. Sometimes during these dark times this is the type of thing you need to lift your spirits. They'll be back one day, and that day will be glorious.