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Old Bay Continues Its Takeover Of The World, Now In The Form Of Cheese Curls And Popcorn

old bay

DCist - The Old Bay revolution will not be stopped. Just in time for summer, Maryland brewery Flying Dog released a beer created with the Baltimore seasoning, which actually tastes pretty good. Now Herr’s — a Pennsylvania company that has sold seasoned chips for three decades — is out with Old Bay cheese curls and popcorn. From a product description: “Here we combine savory Old Bay® with real cheese flavor in a cheese curl that’s sure to be a classic for generations to come. You have my word on it.” Old Bay seasoned fries and potato bites will also be sold in frozen food aisles through Mr. Dee’s. Don’t fight it.


All aboard! Full speed ahead on the Old Bay train! This is what I’m talking about. Crab chips have been around for years and popcorn has long been a pretty common move among Maryland folk. And beer was a pretty logical foray in Old Bay’s mission for world dominance. But cheese curls? Unreal. Love the aggression. Going right for the king’s crown when it comes to snack food. I feel so stupid for not smothering Old Bay all over every cheese curl I’ve ever shoved in my facehole. Need these. I just decided I’m not doing any more work until I get the Herr’s cheese curls I require.

PS: Best post-snack finger licking ever

PPS: Full disclosure on the Flying Dog Old Bay Beer. Lot of blogs and papers have been hyping it up in reviews for pageviews, but it’s really nothing to write home about. Just another basic bitch. Simply put, you can hardly taste any Old Bay in it. You had one job and you blew it.