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Maybe Should Stick To Weather

Hey weather dot com, ever thought about just telling us the weather? Did you forget that you are essentially a scores app? I go on you for weather scores. I want to find out if the sun is beating the rain. Don't ever try to surprise me with disgusting and morbid news again. I had one thought—ONE THOUGHT—that didn't relate to the coronavirus (the thought was, "I wonder what the weather is going to be") so I visited your site and THIS is how you repay me?

I get that you have a monopoly on the industry and probably feel like you've taken "just weather" as far as you can. You probably feel like Lil Wayne in the prime of his career when he took a year off to make a rock album. But the thing is, that was the wrong choice by Lil Wayne. I guess what I'm saying is "NYC Morgues May Be Nearing Capacity etc." sucks so bad coming from you and you should stop doing it. It's like a hotel operator trying to tell me to wear sunscreen. I might need to hear it but not from him. So that's it. Stick to weather. Less fear mongering—yeah I saw the other headline story about this being the most dangerous time of the year for tornados—and more weather. And if you run out of weather to talk about—hey, you put in a solid days work. Take a walk. Ride a bike. Play with your kids. When more weather news comes back around, I know you'll be on top of it.