Finally Some Good News As Edmonton Unveils McKenzie Brothers Statue

(Source) Of all characters, figures these two hoseheads would have trouble with two-metre social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But after years in the making, life-sized bronze statues of SCTV’s inseparable Bob and Doug McKenzie appeared on 103 Street and 103 Avenue Tuesday night under a gentle snow, wearing toques and jeans and clutching open stubbies — what we Canucks used to call short beer bottles back in the day, eh.

There hasn't been much to celebrate lately but that changed overnight in Canada as a new statue honoring Bob and Doug McKenzie was quietly unveiled in Edmonton. The McKenzie brothers, a pair of goofy, beer-swilling Canadian siblings played by Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis in the 1980s, were hugely popular on Second City TV (a sort-of Canadian SNL) and became pop culture icons when their movie STRANGE BREW was released in 1983 and went on to become a cult classic. I'd venture to say I watched it dozens of times as a kid.

The actors, who had input into their likenesses, were supposed to be in Edmonton for a Friday unveiling but that's not possible now. So instead, the statue just sort of appeared out of nowhere because the making of it was kept in secret after it began in 2017.

“As soon as travel is allowed,” said the 70-year-old Thomas, “we will return to Edmonton to see these statues in person. Of course, by then, the birds of Edmonton will have made their contribution to our likenesses, making us look more like we actually do in person.”

 Click here for a look at it.