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If You Don't Laugh At This CNN Reporter Getting Drilled In The Head With A Rock In Ferguson Then You Take Life Too Seriously




Look man, that’s funny. Not going to condone the violence that took place in Ferguson last night and I’m not going to condone throwing stones at innocent reporters, but c’mon. Now that it’s already happened? That was fucking funny. Ever hang out with your buddies and just pick up a rock and say “Bet I can hit that stop sign at the end of the block”? Everyone looks at you and says, “No fucking way dude. No way,”  then you let it fly and by the grace of God you hear that metallic clang and start running around with your hands in the air like you nailed a buzzer beater in March Madness? That’s what happened here. Couple guys just getting their protest on and one saw a rock, his buddy said “Man ain’t no way you can hit that CNN lady” and next thing you know it’s dinging right off her head. I don’t care what you say, that *ping!* “Ow! I just got hit by a rock!” was fucking funny.



PS – Honestly, where’s the person who threw it? Rocket arm. Not even visible in the shot. That’s some grassy knoll shit.


Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 2.07.43 AM