Doc Emrick Calling Play-By-Play On His Windshield Wiper Installation Is Almost Enough To Make You Forget There's No Hockey

I'll be honest--as soon as I heard the sweet, soothing sound of "it's a clamp apparatus that clamps around to the driver side windshield", I immediately heard this theme playing in my head. 

It was like I was immediately transported to a time where we had Saturday afternoon Stanley Cup Playoffs hockey to watch. There's nothing better than those 1pm weekend games in the first couple rounds of the playoffs. Seeing the Cup take a few laps around the ice at the end of the Final is great and everything but the matinee playoff games have always been my favorite. And for at least a brief moment while Doc was calling his windshield wiper installation, that's where I was. Reality is just a mental construct and for 43 seconds, my reality was a world in which hockey was back. Unfortunately the video ended and I was reminded that the KHL just cancelled the rest of their season which doesn't necessarily make me incredibly optimistic about the NHL coming back to finish this season, but those were the best 43 seconds I've had in the past couple weeks. 

You know how people have been asking the questions about which celebrity you'd want to be quaratined with if you could only choose one? Mike Emrick is the only answer. 

Not only would you get to hear that voice every day, but the man just knows how to live life. Simple, easy going, could work on the farm all day, kick back a few whiskeys at night and listen to him poetically ramble on about hockey history for a couple of hours as you doze off to sleep. Sounds like heaven. 

Sidenote: If I were a lesser man, I'd steal this reply and pass it off as my own. So good.