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DC Ranked the Fittest City in the Country, No Big Deal

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WAMU – It looks like those extra sit-ups are paying off after all. Washington, D.C., was ranked the fittest metropolitan area in the country, according to a report from the American College of Sports Medicine. The report assesses the country’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas using 31 indicators broken into four categories: health behaviors, chronic health problems, built environment and recreational facilities. D.C. posted an overall score of 77.3 out of 100. Also among the country’s fittest metro areas were Minneapolis, Minnesota, which had taken the top spot each of the last three years, as well as Portland, Oregon, Denver and San Francisco. The fitness index was developed by researchers using data pulled from the U.S. Census, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Trust for the Public Land City Park and other research data. It’s intended to be used as a snapshot for the health of communities and a guide for lawmakers in developing community assets that encourage a healthy lifestyle. The D.C. area’s parks and facilities were undoubtedly its strongest asset. Parkland makes up 19.5 percent of city land compared to a target goal of 10.6 percent, bolstered by spending of $398 per resident; the rate of farmer’s markets relative to the population is 28.5 per million residents — more than twice the target goal; and D.C.’s WalkScore of 74 was well above the target of 51.1.


DC is the top of every single ranking ever I guess. Most expensive and now in best shape. I guess one comes with the other. When you’re as rich as us, you gotta look good too. Nobody wants a big fatty who makes no money. That’s why people move to DC, to get away from the filth of all the other cities. People in DC don’t make a cup of coffee, sit on the couch, and eat cheese puffs for breakfast while watching the spelling bee. It’s not what we do here. I feel bad for all the other cities out there, never at the top of any lists. Pretty sure DC is also ranked the top of best monuments, most boat shoes per capita, and drunkest kickball, no big deal. Everything coming up DC.