No Matter What Happens, Never Be This Canadian Hoser Disrespecting The Sanctity Of Tim Horton's And Sanitizing The Shit Out Of His Double Double

Buddy,,,,,if there's any company out there who is taking this pandemic as serious and cautious as possible, it's Timmy's. I mean they've already scrapped the Roll Up The Rim cups for this year, which is the 2nd biggest contest in Canada only behind the World Juniors. I'd say the Stanley Cup Playoffs would be pretty big in Canada but since no team from the Great White North has won since 1993, I think it's safe to say Roll Up The Rim To Win is just a little bigger at the moment. No offense. 

So if Timmy's is going that far to make sure that both their employees and customers are remaining as safe as possible throughout this pandemic, you're just an absolute pigeon if you spray down your double double with half a bottle of sanitizer at the drive thru window. People like this make me sick. That's liquid gold you're ruining right there, and you're just wasting sanitizer in the process. 

Also I'm starting to think that maybe he's not even Canadian. What kind of Canadian gets honked at and replies with "fuck off" instead of just a standard "Oh sorrey about that, bud"? Things just aren't adding up here. Disrespecting Tim Horton's and not saying sorrey? Maybe we're really living in the upside down right now.