300lb Man Runs A 40-yard Dash

Good Morning Football Fans!

Yesterday I said forget the quarantine and forget the coronavirus. The sun was shining in Essex County, New Jersey so we put our surgical gloves and took a family trip to Wassessing Park. The place where I got a chance to run a 40-yard dash for the first time since Ball State's Pro Day in 2013.

The problem is... I accidentally ran a 60-yard dash before I got a chance to run a 40-yard dash. Which I'm definitely using as an excuse for my unsatisfactory UNOFFICIAL 40 time. My dumb ass was so intimidated by the task that I overshot the finish line by a full 20 yards. The fact that I ran those and didn't pull anything was the real win. Right after documenting just how fast I am, my wife and I went to Taco Bell to treat ourselves from going outside in New Jersey during these times. After seeing so many commercials about T-Bell's new Triplelupa (B+), I just had to try it for myself. I felt like I earned it breaking a sweat in these streets for content purposes.

Speaking of sweating for content purposes, shoutout to The Double Vodka Don for holding down his weekly Quarantine Challenges! Seeing him hit the over on his 40-yard dash definitely inspired me to get out of the house and time myself running in a straight line.

We all can't forget about Steven Cheah who blogged about his failed 40-yard dash experience. And also this amazing piece of content right here:

That boy Steven Cheah fast! And even if I have about 120lbs on him, I'm determined to beat him in a 40-yard dash once America has beaten the Coronavirus and we can go outside and stand next to each other again. Until then make sure to join Willie, Large, Patty, Jetski and myself on Barstool Breakfast from 9-11 this week on SiriusXM.