What The Fuck? Noah Syndergaard Has A Torn UCL And Will Undergo Tommy John Surgery

Cuncel da saeson. Not the Mets season but the entire baseball season. Lets stop pussyfooting around with how they are going to fit in an entire schedule as Rona runs rampant in the country. Just throw the 2020 season in the trash, prep for 2021 like the Olympics, and pray to whatever God you believe in that the 2020 NFL season sees the light of day. 

I didn't even know you were allowed to get hurt during quarantine. That's like getting fired on your day off. There were no signs of Noah having any sort of issue other than the constant fear us Mets fans have of a guillotine falling from the blue sky on a clear sunny day and chopping our heads off. And if you don't think Noah is going to catch the covid while getting his arm operated on, on what should have been Opening Day no less!, you haven't been paying much attention to how life as a Mets fan works.

If there is a spinzone in all of this, it is that having TJ surgery sooner instead of later makes sense because there is a legit chance this season won't happen. Sure that scenario means no baseball in a season where us idiot Mets fans had high hopes for our teams. But at this point, I honestly don't give a fuck anymore. Not after seeing this.

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