New Definition Of Foot Fetish: Shaq Is Showing His Feet On Instagram Live Causing Rappers To Nearly Faint

Just one second here

Yep, that's about the reaction you should have. I'm not even grossed out by feet or anything like that. But Shaq's foot is fucking gross. Not only was Diesel plowing through the the NBA like a monster truck in a game of bumper cars, but he was doing it on some absolute shit tires. Look at those things: 

Last time we saw feet like that? 

Just fucking gross. Why is he showing this to Boosie on IG Live? I have no idea. Quarantine life is making everyone go a little bit crazy I guess. Imagine getting into bed with those things. We hear stories of guys complaining that their girl will put cold feet on them in bed. Imagine Shaq just taking his shoes off? 

The worst part of this all? It's going to be forever until we get Charles Barkley on our TVs roasting Shaq about his feet. You know he would. You know he would have a field day with this.