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Pro Dating Tip From Alec Baldwin: Do NOT Kiss Her

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin co-hosted Ellen together and dropped this little nugget: 

“Do you guys know that he shook my hand for six weeks and didn’t kiss me when we met?” Hilaria asked the audience.

“You shouldn’t tell them that!” Alec responded.

“He would tell me all these things, like ‘I’m going to marry you. I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you. We’re going to have a ton of kids,’ and then he would shake my hand at the end of the night,” Hilaria recalled.

I gotta be honest... that is some of the most baller shit I've ever heard. Beautiful women are used to being sought after, chased, spoiled, and romanticized by men.  They play hard to get or uninterested because, well, they're probably hard to get and uninterested. So how do you stand out from the pack? How do you get her attention and make things interesting? 

By being the one person who doesn't give her what she expects and gives her what she doesn't expect! 

Don't lean in and try to kiss her on the first date. Don't let sex be the light at the tunnel you're running towards. Instead, slow things down, reach over, gently place her hand in your hand, and then stop - don't go any further for 6 weeks. Make her wait. Get her all hot and bothered. 

Let the anticipation and build-up do its thing until both of you can't take this no more and you finally have your magic moment. 

Only then will you end up with your dream girl like Alec Baldwin and Squints.

(P.S. The only person's hand you should be holding at the moment is your own, after you've washed and sterilized thoroughly. All of the above are brilliant suggestions for the future.)