Cam Newton was one of, if not the best player we've ever had on the Carolina Panthers, and watching him play was an absolute pleasure. I am choosing to think of this release in the positive light of a morally-conscious fisherman who chooses to release his biggest catch. Although he knows it would look great for that fish to retire on his wall as a lifelong Panther, he had the time of his life wrangling it, and owes that fish a chance of life after being caught.  That analogy doesn't work that well at all, and I know that. But what I want is for Cam Newton to know that Panthers fans everywhere appreciate his contributions to the franchise, and that we will be wishing him nothing but the best wherever he lands. 



P.S. I still have the shirts of you that we would have sold if we won that Super Bowl. Today I will wear one and pretend that we did. Much love.