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Just A Good Old-Fashioned Donnybrook At Randallstown High's Graduation in Towson


ABC2A fight following a Baltimore County high school commencement ceremony Monday has gone viral online. Vine user BigEvaaaaaaaa! posted a series of short videos to the social media site before and after the Randallstown High School graduation ceremony. The videos show a scuffle between two women interrupted by at least three men. The ceremony was held at Towson University’s SECU Arena at 10 a.m. Towson University police arrested one man and one woman in connection with the fight. A university spokesman said charges are pending. Police have so far not identified either suspect. 


Nothing like throwing down in fisticuffs to commemorate your child’s high school graduation. I couldn’t even tell who was on whose side here. That’s when you know you’ve got a helluva scrap on your hands. I guess this couldn’t hurt either…

randallstown high


Graduation Day is a day to be proud of life’s finest accomplishments. I think Randallstown High had plenty to be proud of today. Plus a cinematic prodigy in BigEvaaaaaaaaa! was discovered right in our backyard.


We maaaade ittttttt


h/t Ryan