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Fat And Gross Chick Is Taking Pictures Of Everybody Who Looks At Her Like She's A Fat And Gross Chick

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(Source)Photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero has long been aware of peoples’ cruelty towards her based on her size. Living in a society that’s obsessed with thinness, life can be hard for larger people, especially women. Morris-Cafiero, however, decided to turn this meanspirited habit into art, and hopefully make people more aware of their judgmental attitudes. The project became a photo series called Wait Watchers, where Morris-Cafiero photographs herself in public settings, where people, who don’t realize they’re on camera, can be seen in the background laughing at her or giving her strange looks. And no, she’s not doing anything strange, nor is she very obvious about taking the photo. The photos are taken with a self-timing camera, and Morris-Cafiero, once the shot is set up, goes about a normal activity like talking on the phone or seeming to wait for someone. Behind her, you can usually see a passerby giving her the side-eye. Her work has become somewhat viral online, and, since it’s the Internet, the feedback included some not-so-nice comments. People told Morris-Cafiero that “my life, and in some cases the world, would be better if I lost weight and got a makeover.” Morris-Cafiero brushes the nonsense off, though. “I don’t care what anybody thinks about my body and I’m perfectly fine with it.” And you really can’t argue that her attitude is anything short of fantastic. “We all know that haters are going to be haters,” she says, directly to her audience in the Wait Watchers Kickstarter video, “but as I celebrate myself, I hope you learn to love and celebrate yourself as well.”




I HATE people like Haley Morris-Cafiero. Not because she’s fat and gross, I don’t give one shit that she’s fat and gross. Doesn’t affect my life at all, she’ll die of a heart attack at 33, not me. What I hate is that line. “I don’t care what anybody thinks of my body.” YES YOU DO! That’s why you’re taking all these goddamn pictures of people walking by and being grossed out by you. Because you’re so self-obsessed that you need to know what everyone thinks about you. You’re like a celebrity who says she doesn’t care about the tabloids then cries into a National Inquirer every night. Or someone who says they don’t care what people say about them then bugs the room to find out exactly what people say the second they leave. Don’t put your insecurities on me and claim it’s society’s problem, that’s your baggage. Look, you’re not appealing to the eye. That’s not up for debate, it’s fact. When I walk by you I might make a face, just like I do when I walk by a fart pocket. But that’s a natural reaction to something nasty. You want to say your body is natural and beautiful? Guess what, so is my fucking face.