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Connor McDavid Hurt Himself In A Fight Last Night So Of Course Everyone Is Either Calling Him Dumb Or Fighting Dumb




First of all, a little surprised by McDavid’s hands there. Not saying he could fight a grizzly bear, but seeing as he’s always called the next Sidney Crosby I figured there would be more pillows thrown than actual punches, yet there were a couple decent hooks in there. Nonetheless, the usual hockey twitter jabronis are back on their high horse about McDavid being dumb enough to jeopardize his future. Dumb enough? He’s a 17 year old kid (he was born in fucking 1997 and will be an NHL stud next year. Makes me want to puke) who’s basically assaulted every time he’s on the ice. Slashes, cheap shots, late hits, he deals with it all. Every single player on every single opposing team is gunning for him. I’m shocked it took him this long to snap. So I wouldn’t call him a moron who jeopardized his future due to a little fracture. Connor McDavid could lose his entire right arm and still be a top 5 pick this year.



And of course, this has brought back all the “get fighting out of hockey!!!” cries. Shut up. I’ll listen to anti-fighting arguments, I get where they’re coming from. But don’t try to pile onto a fucking kid’s minor injury to get that point across. He broke his hand. That can happen at any given second during a hockey game. It can happen on a body check, a blocked shot, or even lifting the gate to the bench. If you want to cite Boogard or some other horrible brain injuries that occur due to a lifetime of fighting, I’ll hear you out. But trying to tie the fighting has no place in hockey agenda to a little scrap in a junior hockey game is idiotic.