If Looks Could Kill, Vikram Would've Murdered 2 People On Jeopardy Last Night

Pray for the Vikdog! My word. If you think you are having a tough time sleeping during these weird quarantining times, just think how our friend Vikram is spending his days that bleed into night that bleed back into days. The V Train could see the peak of the nerd mountaintop as his brain instantly processed every answer in the form of a question the millisecond Trebek was done speaking but fell to a brutal trivia death because he did not have the twitch quick muscles to keep up with Kimberly and Michonne or the ability to shoot laster beams out of his eyes every time they buzzed him right off a question.

For all the talk about how Jeopardy is a matchup of the minds, the true equalizer is the ability to hit the buzzer before anyone else can. You gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your keep. You can have the biggest brain filled with all the answers, the biggest balls that will make every Daily Double a true Daily Double, and the meanest Angry Face that would intimidate the baddest dudes on the planet. But if you don't have the timing for when to buzz in, you are merely Achilles with a heel ripe for the picking.